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MGYL 2019

Jersey Distribution for Spring Players

I will begin distributing jerseys to all players, this Sunday at Lakevue.  You must be paid in full and have paid your $50 jersey fee to Ed or bring it that evening.  The check must be postdated to May 30, 2019.  Players will keep their previous numbers unless they need a bigger size.  

Spirit Wear Sale

The Spirit Wear Sale is going on now until February 10th.  We must close the sale on that date to receive the items by the start of the season.   All girls must purchase the shorts from the sale.  Only players with the shorts will be permitted to play in games.  They are part of our uniform.  The website is:


Registration and Payment Deadlines

February 14th is the registration deadline and March 3rd is the payment deadline.  Registering by this date allows us to place your daughter on a team.  Please do not request to be on a team with a friend or with a certain coach.  We will not take any requests into consideration.  We must base our teams on the program's needs. Also, before registering your daughter, please know that every girl must be willing to play goalie.  It is only fair that everyone takes a turn when we need a goalie.  Many teams have dedicated goalies, but things happen.  Our program will teach your daughter each position on the field.  That is the only way they will be a well-rounded player and most importantly a team player.    

Practices and Game Schedules

I know everyone has a lot of questions about our schedule.  We are a youth organization so we rely heavily on the school district to have field time.  We of course come after all school sponsored sports which is only fair.  So we don't have a ton of control over when our practices and games will be.  Our practices will likely be Monday and Friday evenings at the Auditorium Field (behind the high school auditorium), Turf Field (on the corner of Doc's Way), MAC (football field at the middle school), or the Adams Township Field (Adams Township Park near the top baseball field).  Some days we will all be together, some days we will not.  Practices will be from 6-7:30 except the U10 will be from 6-7.  I have done our game schedule but I have to wait for field approval before I release it.  We will play most games on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We will not play over Spring Break.  We will play an occasional away game through the week at a close by field like Seneca, Pine Richland, North Allegheny, etc.  As soon as I have all of the field time cleared by Mr. Heinauer, I will post it under the schedule tab.  

Free Mouthguards

It's that time of year again! Dr. Kampas is offering his gift of complimentary custom mouth guards to your youth lacrosse athletes. Please understand that we must exclude the athletes that are under the care of another orthodontist other than Dr. Kampas because we do not want to interfere with another doctor's treatment plan.
For the new families involved, I wanted to give a brief explanation of the process. The families can call us at 724-772-8888 to schedule an appointment at our Adams Township office (next to Springfield Grille). During the initial visit, we use a state of the art 3D camera to make a scan of the child's mouth which typically takes about 10-15 minutes. This process is very well tolerated by kids. The scan is then made into a 3D plastic model. The next visit, 7-10 days later, would be a 10 minute visit for Dr. Kampas to fit and adjust the mouth guard. 
Athlete's specifications would entail a color (likely blue or yellow), their last name, and perhaps their jersey number if known. 
There is absolutely no cost to Mars Youth Lacrosse or the parents/guardians.  If the athlete would lose or destroy the mouth guard and would like it remade, there would be a fee of $150.00 to replace it. 
The parents/guardian are required to fill out a small health history form upon arrival with the athlete, and sign a consent that explains that it is a mouth guard and it is not an appliance to straighten teeth.
This year we have made scheduling a bit easier and the players who want to participate just need to call the office and set up a time. The staff will help them find a date and time that is most convenient for the player and his family.
Thank you Dr. Kampas!!
***If you do buy your own mouth guard, please be sure it is not white or clear and it can not have teeth drawn on it.  Also, it can not have a strap attached to it.  This is all against US Lacrosse rules.  
Lacrosse Socks and Backpacks
I will have MGYL socks available at the Winter Indoor for the next couple of weeks. They are $10.  They are not required, many of the girls just like them.  
I have had several people ask about the MGYL backpacks.  I normally only order them at Christmas time, however, if you are interested in one, please email me at extremegta@aol.com to tell me you would be interested.  They are $60 if we get 25 orders.  If we don't get 25 orders, we will wait until next year at Christmas. They are great bags that the girls get a lot of years out of.  They are the same ones the high school used to provide to their players.  They will be embroidered with our logo and your daughters name.  
I think I covererd everything, but if you have any questions please just email me at extremegta@aol.com  or text me at 724-612-4267 and I will answer your questions.  
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