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Schedule Update
by posted 02/09/2019

I wanted to let everyone know that I have started entering our schedule into our system.  The only guaranteed dates, at this time, are the two tournaments.  We will take all teams to those, and they are confirmed.  The other games I am adding but we do not have field confirmation yet.  As soon as the high school enters their information, we will meet with the AD to put ours in.  You will notice that I am only adding games to U12 Blue and U14 Blue.  That will all change.  I am just using blue as our placeholder until I confirm with the other team which team will match up better with their team.  The colors of the teams will be adjusted once I have that all confirmed.  We will have a blue and a gold.  These are not A teams and B teams.  We are basing our teams on the kind of checking they will do.  


Thanks for your patience.  I will post the full schedule as soon as it is confirmed.



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Thank you to our sponsor - Dicks Sporting Goods
by posted 01/19/2019

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Thank you to our sponsor - Kampas Orthodontics
by posted 01/19/2019

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Thank you to our sponsor - Posti's Pizza
by posted 01/19/2019

Postis Pizza

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FREE Mouth Guards from Dr. Kampas
by posted 01/19/2019

It's that time of year again! Dr. Kampas is offering his gift of complimentary custom mouth guards to your youth lacrosse athletes. Please understand that we must exclude the athletes that are under the care of another orthodontist other than Dr. Kampas because we do not want to interfere with another doctor's treatment plan.
For the new families involved, I wanted to give a brief explanation of the process. The families can call us at 724-772-8888 to schedule an appointment at our Adams Township office (next to Springfield Grille). During the initial visit, we use a state of the art 3D camera to make a scan of the child's mouth which typically takes about 10-15 minutes. This process is very well tolerated by kids. The scan is then made into a 3D plastic model. The next visit, 7-10 days later, would be a 10 minute visit for Dr. Kampas to fit and adjust the mouth guard. 
Athlete's specifications would entail a color (likely blue or yellow), their last name, and perhaps their jersey number if known. 
There is absolutely no cost to Mars Youth Lacrosse or the parents/guardians.  If the athlete would lose or destroy the mouth guard and would like it remade, there would be a fee of $150.00 to replace it. 
The parents/guardian are required to fill out a small health history form upon arrival with the athlete, and sign a consent that explains that it is a mouth guard and it is not an appliance to straighten teeth.
This year we have made scheduling a bit easier and the players who want to participate just need to call the office and set up a time. The staff will help them find a date and time that is most convenient for the player and his family.
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Tournaments-Save the Date
by posted 10/28/2018


LaxFest 2019

LaxFest is on May 4th for younger girls and May 5th for older girls. 

LaxFest is in Hudson, Ohio.

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We now accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover!!!
by posted 08/24/2018


We now accept Visa, Mastercard,
and Discover.  You can still pay by check but using a credit card is now an option.  

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